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Pleasant as always. Has either tables and chairs outside for customers to wait when the weather is nice or you can use the mini portuguese coffee shop on the inside complete with a TV, 1 pool table and a foozball table to pass the time.

The actual guys washing the cars do a good job but on occasion you would be best served going round with them and point stuff they might have missed which, more often than not, they'll always be happy to oblige.

Recommended.   14-05-15


Ever since management changed, service has been down right horrible.
I paid £35 for in/out + hand polish on my missus car and considering I had used the same service before I didn't check it over, just paid and left.
When I got home (5 mins drive) I noticed blemishes and marks on it that not only weren't there to begin with but unbelievably, there were areas where the polish was still yet to be rubbed in. I can honestly say i won't be using them again.
I understand they were busy, but if you can't or don't have the time then you shouldn't accept the business. I would rather I was told "sorry mate in/out only" and I would have kept coming back. Avoid if you value your motor.   14-05-15